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How Is ESignature Better Than Paper Signature?

An eSignature is better than a paper signature in terms of cost, time and security.


Paper Signature



  • Paper processing, printing, filing, mailing, and fax.
  • Overnight shipping costs extravagant.
  • Paper free processing
  • Delivery over the Internet eliminates shipping cost.


  • Delivery of mail may take up to days or weeks.
  • Missed form or lost paperwork creates further delays.
  • Often requires the presence of a notary.
  • Mobile, anywhere, anytime access
  • All fields must be filled before the document can be signed, leading to less “no-good” documents.


  • Tampering – Backdating, alterations, or forgery
  • High possibility of human error in data entry or copying
  • Encryption and audit trail ensures documents are tamper-evident.
  • Unalterable capture of signing data; electronic storage