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Why Symantec And Rhipe?

With the partnership of Symantec and rhipe, a managed service providers like you can secure your servers, help your customer secure their servers, or protect your end users’ endpoint devices in simple per server per month or per user per month subscriptions.

By purchasing Symantec product licenses through rhipe, you can create subscriptions, add/remove licenses through our rhipe PRISM portal whenever and wherever you are and get your licences provisioned almost instantaneously. There is no locked in period for our partners, and you can even cancel your subscription at any time you want without paying additional charge or penalty fee.

In Addition, rhipe also offer partners with trainings, enablement sessions and one to one support for partners through its subject matter experts team. This facilitates partners to gain marketing insights, acquire the how-to-dos, learn best practices and to take business to the next level.