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Why would a partner use/want to use ShareFile?

Unlike any of its competitors, including Dropbox and OneDrive, ShareFile can be used with privately hosted data repositories including standard Windows file server shares (CIFS), SharePoint and Exchange. ShareFile can also aggregate access to OneDrive and Dropbox (and many other existing EFSS services as below).

Customers and/or partners who are opposed to storing some or all of their data on a public cloud solution would find ShareFile very appealing.

They no longer need to migrate to a public cloud solution, they do not need to change existing security principles or configuration, and users sustain a familiar user experience.

Using privately hosted storage creates sticky business, increased margins and provides better performance for users and applications due to the data not traversing potentially long distances to public cloud offerings.

Last but not least, ShareFile is multi-tenant capable with minimal infrastructure requirements – it’s very easy to deploy.