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What are Commit and Flex Licenses?

Commit Licenses:

  • The first 25 seats a partner consumes will be Commit licenses
  • Commit licenses can be increased but not decreased during the term of a subscription
  • A subscription is 12-month rolling
  • Commit licenses are sold at a lower price point (~20%)
  • Tiered Commit licenses are available for Government and Education customers but the partner is required to name the organisation and users when reporting each month
  • A commit license is tied to a specific user (named user) and can only be moved to a different user after 30 days of inactivity
  • Additional commit licenses added during the subscription term are co-termed
  • For maximum profitability, when adding new customers to a multi-tenant Citrix Cloud subscription, partners are encouraged to add additional commit licenses and use Flex licenses for burst consumption

Flex Licenses:

  • Flex licenses are designed to be used for burst or seasonal consumption
  • Flex licenses are sold at a higher price point (~20%)
  • Flex licenses are not tiered for volume or business sector
  • Flex licenses are not included in the 12-month subscription
  • Flex licenses can be assigned to any user (once a partner has committed to the 25-seat min 12 month subscription)
  • Once the 25 seats of Commit licensing are met, a future customer could consume only Flex licenses if required (ideal for short term use, seasonal usage etc.)