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If An Existing CRMOL Customer Wants To Add New Licenses, Can They Still Order The Old CRMOL SKU?

CRMOL SKU or they need to order new Dynamics 365 SKU?

Existing CRM Online subscription whose 1-year subscription term is not up yet can continue to order old CRM online SKU until the subscription is up (except Open customers). Existing CRM Online customer whose subscription expires before Feb 1st 2017 can also opt to renew the existing subscription for 1 more year.

For example, there is a customer who started his subscription on July 1st 2016 and purchased 5 x Professional USL and 5 x Essential USL on the same date

- He can continue to add/remove CRM Online seats until June 30th 2017, or he can transition to Dynamics 365

- He can transition to Dynamics 365 with the transition pricing any time he wants before his subscription term ends.

-On July 1st 2017, he must transition to the new Dynamics 365 SKUs on July 1st 2017