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I Know With Our Current BAAS Provider We Can Send Them A USB Backup Drive With The Initial Seed. Is That Available For This Offering?

Yes, you can perform initial seeding for larger data size. This is normally applicable for customers with slower internet connection or larger data capacity.

Initial Seeding for Acronis Hosted Deployment

Currently Acronis is working towards providing initial seeding for their Cloud Datacenters, however the initial seeding service is NOT available for Australia Datacenter yet. Which means for customer who wish to backup to Acronis Hosted Cloud Storage in Australia Datacenter, there is no way to perform initial seeding currently. For the list of Acronis Cloud Datacenter with Initial Seeding service available, kindly refer to

Initial Seeding for Service Provider Hosted (Hybrid) Deployment

For Service Provider hosted deployment, initial seeding option is available. SP can setup the initial seeding and Large Scale Recovery (LSR) service, and choose to upsell this unique service to your clients. For details on how SP can setup the initial seeding and LSR service, please refer to

In terms of how end users can create initial seeding backup at their end, please refer to