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How Will Australian Dollar Price Changes Impact New/Renewing Azure EA Customers?

Starting October 1, 2016 Microsoft improved the transparency and simplicity of Azure pricing to ensure customers get the best possible prices regardless of where they buy – on or in volume licensing programs such as Enterprise Agreement (EA), Server and Cloud Enrolment (SCE), etc.  To accomplish this, the Azure EA discount waterfall (A/B/C/D), and SCE 5% discount were retired effective October 1, 2016. Microsoft lowered some Azure pricing and introduced new offers to ensure Azure pricing is competitive. 

At renewal, Azure EA customers purchasing in Australian dollars will continue to have competitive and best possible pricing.  Azure customers purchasing in EA enjoy additional benefits unique to the EA program such as price protection during term, differentiated support and offers for EA customers. In some renewing EA/SCE cases, the removal of the EA discount waterfall and SCE discount, together with Australian dollars price increase may result in a price increase. The cumulative impact of these pricing changes will depend on which services the customer is using and how much of is being consumed.  For renewing EA/SCE customers, the prices customers are paying today in their EA/SCE, and what they will pay going forward at renewal is likely close to when they signed their current EA/SCE.  Azure has had significant price decreases on Dv2, D and A series compute over the past 2 years and additional price decreases on other services as well.