Where can I find more information on Acronis Backup Cloud?

You can find more information about Acronis Backup Cloud via the following channels:

•    Rhipe Video! Acronis Backup Cloud Overview
Learn how Acronis Backup Cloud allows Service Providers to easily protect their customer's data.
•    Acronis Backup Cloud for Service Providers Intro
•    Acronis Backup Cloud YouTube Playlist
Intro, Installation, Create Backup Plan, Reporting, Branding, Recovery
•    Acronis Datacenter Speed Test
The speed test allows you to quickly test out the connectivity between customer premise to Acronis Datacenter.
Singapore: https://cloud-wr-sg1.acronis.com/speedtest/
Sydney, Australia: https://cloud-wr-au1.acronis.com/speedtest/
•    Acronis Certified Engineer Backup 12 - Study Kit (Seriously Technical)
In depth Technical Information for Acronis Backup Cloud and Acronis Backup 12. Includes Deployment options, Acronis Storage deployment, Backup Agent Installation, Backup Job Configuration, Recovery, Technical Resources references.
Download Here
•    Acronis Backup Cloud Admin / User Guide Online
Online Admin and User Guide for installation, system requirement, configurations.
•    Acronis Backup Cloud Knowledge Base Online and FAQ
Knowledge Base for support and troubleshooting related documentation.
•    Acronis Support Forum
A place to share and ask questions about Acronis technology for Service Providers
•    Acronis Storage Gateway Deployment
Acronis Storage Gateway is suitable for fast, small scale deployment as it only requires a single VM/Physical Server to act as Gateway. It will then be able to talk to your Storage and transfer backup data into it.
Download here
•    Acronis Storage 2.0 Deployment
Acronis Storage is for a larger scale deployment and requires 5 nodes minimum to start. It provides built-in Availability and Scalability, and will run natively on the hardware. This is suitable for Partner who would like to use Acronis Storage for their availability design and to have the option to scale by just adding new nodes in future.
View here
•    Acronis Partner Enablement Kit (For ABC Acronis Hosted)
Include Playbook, Call Script, Datasheet, FAQ, Presentation, Quick Sales Guide, Webpage Template
Download Here
•    Acronis Partner Enablement Kit (For ABC Service Provider Hosted)
Include Playbook, Call Script, Datasheet, FAQ, Presentation, Quick Sales Guide, Webpage Template
Download Here