How do I transition a tenant to CSP?

  1. Log into

  2. You will be greeted with an overview of your existing customers and the product breakdown available through the different vendor programs you have with rhipe.

  3. Click on the Programs, then select CSP.

  4. Select Transition Tenant.


  1. Fill in the end customer's general details, together with the compulsory address of the end customer. Then click Next.


  1. In CSP Tenant Details, there are three categories. Corporate - for commercial and private sector entities and then Academic and Government for firms in the Public Sector. Choose the option accordingly and enter the contact details of the customer.


  1. Enter the license quantity that the customers wish to purchase via CSP and click Submit Order. Also, note that add-on is only available after you have purchased the main SKUs.


  1. You will now be greeted by a prompt instructing you to get your end customer to log in to the rhipe Prime Portal Connect Website using their global administrator
    This is the same link as the one you will have received in your email alerts during the license orderin process.


  1. The admin of the end customer can proceed to the rhipe Prime Partner Connect Website using the Partner Connect link. Alternatively, you can also also do this on behalf of your customer if you have the log in credentials.
  2. Log in using the customer’s Global Administrator credentials.

  3. Next, you will be prompted to accept the Directory Connection of your tenant. Click accept to establish it and proceed.

  4. Confirm the tenant details.

  5. Once confirmed, you will be greeted with a sign in page to your Admin Center - here you need to accept rhipe as a 'Delegated Admin'. This is a crucial step for transitioning as it enables rhipe to provision Office 365 Licenses from Prime Portal for the end customer.

  6. Once you have signed in you will be prompted to accept rhipe as a 'Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Administrator'. Tick 'yes' and click 'Authorise CSP' to accept the offer.

  7. You will be able to see rhipe as a CSP Admin in 'Partner Relationships'. If you cannot see it, try refreshing the page.

  8. Check in the rhipe Prime Portal later and you will see the your tenant's status is 'Transitioning'. This could take up to an hour to turn to 'Normal' and then you will be able to start provisioning Licences on the end user's tenant.