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Will There Be Any Acronis Branding Even After Whitelabel Is Configured In The Portal?

There will be a small logo that says “powered by Acronis AnyData Engine” in the portal  

Data Governance – For The Management Dashboard / Acronis Storage That Is Hosted In Acronis, What Are The Data Governance Policy That Explains How Customer Data Are Being Accessed, Governed, Protected?

Information such as Datacenter compliance, Data Governance and Datecenter Certifications can be found in this latest Acronis document:  

What Is The Billing Date For Acronis Backup Cloud?

The Acronis Backup Cloud usage is captured at the end of each month for billing calculation. The invoice from rhipe will reach Service Provider between 15th and 20th of the month.

How Do I Order New Licenses For Acronis Backup Cloud?

To get started with Acronis Backup Cloud, Service Provider just need to create a new customer tenant in the Acronis Data Cloud console – and immediately they will be able to deploy backup jobs within the customer tenant. There is no license key or ordering of license required in Acronis Backup Cloud. This is because every backup job deployed ...

Why Use Acronis Backup Cloud?

Acronis Backup Cloud backs up data from any source, stores data locally, in your private cloud, in a third-party cloud, or in the Acronis Cloud and lets you recover to any destination and system.   More specifically as a service provider, you can: •    Store and manage your customers’ backups in an Acronis (Cloud) Dat...

How Can A Service Provider Migrate Customer From One Backup Storage To Another Backup Storage, Such As From Acronis Hosted Storage To Service Provider Hosted Storage?

There isn't an effective way to extract the backup data and migrate from one storage to another. The best way currently is to create a new account for customer in Acronis Backup Cloud, deploy them with the new account that points to SP Hosted Storage. And slowly let the old account (Acronis Hosted Storage) phase off due to the backup retention. &nb...

Why Rhipe And Acronis?

rhipe being a cloud first channel first distributor, understands our partners landscape very well and know the gap in the cloud market. There is a great opportunity for Service Providers when it comes to offering BCDR services in the cloud to their end customers – but often it comes with technical and cost complexity that makes it challenging...

Is The Acronis Storage Gateway Available In Windows Platform?

Unfortunately the Acronis Storage Gateway runs on RHEL or CentOS. More details of the installation available in this link  Download here The gateway is able to communicate via NFS protocol to your storage so there should be no problem integrating with windows based file systems. Below is a quick view of how the Acronis Storage Gateway communic...

Why Should Partners Use Acronis Backup Cloud?

Acronis Backup Cloud allows Service Providers to reach out to new market by offering Office365 backup. SP will be able to backup customer data from O365 and store into customer’s Local Storage, which is a unique feature that not a lot of backup solution is offering.  Commercially, for new SP that signed up with rhipe, you will receive a ...

Key Contacts For Acronis Cloud Program

General Enquiries       For Commercial Enquiries: Australia                                &n...