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Does O365 On CITRIX Help Me Address New Markets?

Selling O365 on Citrix exposes a partner to opportunity that is otherwise inaccessible, including the ability to deploy to smartphones and tablets, creating ARPU that was not previously present. Accessing O365 using Citrix also creates the opportunity to host all business desktops and data, creating sticky renewable revenue.    Incorporat...

What Are The Issues That O365 On CITRIX Helps To Address?

O365 on Citrix addresses many issues, namely;   Full  unified Office experience on any device on any network Optimised Skype for Business! * Secure access to corporate data including the use of Macros and Plugins All maintenance, including product updates, are centrally managed Data is centrally stored reducing risk of data loss Mobile De...

What’s In It For Me As A Partner Using O365 And CITRIX?

Increase your ARPU!    Deploying O365 on Citrix provides partners with the ability to offer their customers the opportunity to truly mobilise their staff.    Business transformation using mobility is proven to reduce costs, increase productivity and offer staff flexible working hours, leading to increased staff retention. Offeri...

Why Does A Partner Use / Want To Use Citrix For O365?

Deploying O365 on Citrix means a partner can enable mobility on more devices for their customers.    Businesses can truly mobilise their staff without constraints that exist without Citrix, including the ability to access all O365 applications and business data on networks and devices that aren’t supported by O365 natively. Deployin...

Citrix Content and Collaboration (aka ShareFile) now with e-Signature

Citrix Content and Collaboration (aka ShareFile) now includes e-Signature.  It's also available in Standard, Enterprise and Premium Editions, aligned with the new naming conventions introduced in 2018.   The Citrix Cloud service has two storage options: 0 GB on prem storage by the partner and unlimited storage supported by Citrix Cloud. 0...

What Is Citrix ShareFile?

Citrix ShareFile is an Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) solution. It competes with Dropbox and OneDrive. ShareFile is the leading EFSS product in the leading Gartner Magic Quadrant for EFSS products.

What's In It For Me As A Partner Using Skype For Business Optimisation Using Citrix?

By using Skype for Business and Citrix, a partner has access to comprehensive products and features to enable a broad range of services to their customers including application virtualisation and hosting, virtual desktop hosting (server and client OS including Linux!) along with leading security and application delivery controller features (load ba...

Does O365 & CITRIX Help Me Remove Cost From My Business?

Deploying O365 on Citrix will increase productivity and can reduce costs associated with inflexible business processes.    Providing a fully flexible lifestyle for staff will drive down costs including travel and overtime.  

Where Do I Find More Information About O365 & CITRIX?

Check out the following information; Solution Brief - O365 using Citrix General Information XenMobile and O365   Contact  Darren

What Is O365 With CITRIX?

O365 product suite can be installed on many devices including a Windows PC, Apple Mac, an iPhone and Android devices. Installing the iPhone iOS versions of the O365 applications brings with it a whole new experience, arguably an unfamiliar experience, with some commonly used features including macros, templates and plugins that are simply not avail...