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What's In It For Me As A Partner When I Use Kemp Loadmaster Through Rhipe?

Exclusively with rhipe, KEMP is offering a global-first "Per User Per Month" pricing model to cater to your customer requirements and MELA subscription for the partners looking for on demand access to unlimited ADC instances which can be scaled according to the requirement of the business.  

What Is KEMP Load Master (ADCs)?

 KEMP’s Loadmaster is a fully featured Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that supports all the major application workloads with easy to use templates. It offers key features such as SSL offload along with advanced authentication and traffic delivery options.    

Who Is KEMP?

Since 2000, KEMP has been a consistent leader in innovation with a number of industry firsts, including high performance ADC appliance virtualization, application-centric SDN and NFV integration, innovative pricing and licensing models and true platform ubiquity that can scale to support enterprises of every size and workload requirement.  

Why rhipe And KEMP?

Exclusively with rhipe, KEMP offers global-first flexibility by any ADC vendor in the market to purchase ADC virtual appliances in a monthly billing type that suits the customer, whether it be down to the per user, per instance or a true Pay as you use, unlimited instance, fully metered option. Easily deliverable High Availability, Performance...

What Are The Issues That Are Able To Be Addressed By Kemp Load Master?

High Availability (HA) Configuration  The High Availability feature of the Loadmaster guarantees the availability of your server farm.  HA is achieved by a hot-standby, failover mechanism. Two identical Loadmaster units are integrated into the network as a cluster.  One machine serves as the active Loadmaster and the second one ...


With over 40,000 worldwide deployments and offices in America, Europe, Asia and South America, KEMP Technologies is the industry leader in advanced Layer 2 – 7 Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) and application-centric load balancing.   

Why Would A Partner Want To Use Kemp Load Master?

The Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is a key component within enterprise and cloud data centres to improve availability, security and performance of applications. KEMP Loadmaster helps IT keep up with this growth and provide the optimisation needed for applications to continue to perform at their best and without service interruptio...

What Is The Program?

KEMP application delivery controller for cloud service provider is based on, a metered licensing model per user per month model, per instance per month model and outright purchase model. The per user model from KEMP is exclusive to rhipe and is one of a kind.   

When Do I Need To Report Usage?

If you decide to consume on the Per Instance Per Month model, you are charged for all active licensed instances of the Product   For “Per User Per Month” only, you will provide rhipe a detailed report of the total user count (calculated based on Clause 7.2 of the KEMP SPLA Contract Terms) within five (5) business day...

Why Do I Need To Report?

You are required to report usage from the first full month after the activation of your software/licenses.   Furthermore, If you decide to consume Per User Per Month, you are required to report usage for each named user who is authorized to access  each  of your application.  E.G. 1: If your end-customer have 100 users who ...