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I have received an email to Microsoft about migrating from Partner Membership Center to Partner Center. Where can i find out more information about the migration?

You can refer to the Microsfot Documentation here  on guide to migrate from Partner Membership center (PMC) to Partner Center. Do ensure that you follow the checklist to ensure that you have kept your profile updated and user roles and permissions assigned to get the maximum benefits out of Partner Center. Do note that some items in the lis...

What is SPLA?

SPLA stands for Service Provider License Agreement.   SPLA is a monthly licensing program through which service providers and ISV’s can use Microsoft licenses in their multi-tenant platform as well as on-premises to offer services to their end-customers.

What is Microsoft CSP?

Customers are demanding that more and more of their IT solutions be deployed in the cloud. Industry analysts agree this trend will not only continue, but accelerate in the future. This represents an incredible opportunity for Microsoft partners to build their business on top of Microsoft cloud solutions. The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) ...

What are the requirements of the Microsoft CSP program?

You need to be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) enrollment to sign up to be a rhipe Microsoft CSP indirect reseller. If you are selling to academic customers, you also need to enrol and become a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP). More details about how to become an AEP partner can be found  here . There is no minimum ...

If a customer has accepted the Microsoft Customer Agreement directly with Microsoft, does the customer need to resign the agreement when purchasing in CSP?

No. A customer who has signed the Microsoft Customer Agreement directly with Microsoft does not need to resign the agreement to make purchases in CSP.

Microsoft Cloud Agreement and Microsoft Customer Agreement – what’s the difference?

The Microsoft Cloud Agreement is the customer agreement currently used in CSP; the Microsoft Customer Agreement is the new version of the customer agreement for the program. Both agreements will coexist for a time in CSP, as partners transition customers to the new agreement. Eventually, the Microsoft Customer Agreement will replace the Microsoft C...

What products does the Microsoft Customer Agreement cover?

All Microsoft products and services available for purchase under the Microsoft Cloud Agreement in the CSP program are covered by the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

Why Microsoft and rhipe?

rhipe has been a Microsoft partner and distributor since day 1. rhipe was the first Microsoft SPLA partner in Singapore, one of the few LSPs in and one of the first two Microsoft CSP 2-tier distributors in Australia. rhipe is one among the very few distributors in APAC that offer both SPLA and CSP, so our partners, especially the managed services p...

Does the Microsoft Customer Agreement replace the Microsoft Cloud Agreement right away?

The Microsoft Customer Agreement will be available for the purchase of all offers in CSP when it launches, but it will not immediately replace the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. The Microsoft Cloud Agreement will remain available for the purchase of existing offers in CSP in PRISM portal until November 31 st 2019. All customers who are added to rhipe ...

Do partners need to pay separately for Microsoft support while running workload on Azure CSP?

rhipe CSP partners may not need an additional support agreement with Microsoft when they run their workload on Microsoft Azure through rhipe CSP program.