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What Is Red Hat CCSP?

Red Hat Certified Cloud & Service Provider (CCSP) program allows cloud, hosting, system integrator and managed service providers to host and resell certified Red Hat offerings on demand via multi-tenant, dedicated and managed models.  

What Is Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure?

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure is a single-subscription offering that integrates three products: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation, Red Hat CloudForms, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack® Platform.  

What Is Red Hat CloudForms?

Effectively managing virtual and cloud infrastructure is key to helping enterprises reduce costs, improve agility, and maintain a competitive edge. With Red Hat® CloudForms, your customers can deploy, manage, automate, and optimize their private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, as well as their virtualized Datacenter infrastructures to accelera...

Why Use Red Hat Insights?

By using Red Hat insights, the partner has the ability to discover issues prior to them surfacing. This allows our partners to be more proactive in managing their infrastructure by reducing risks, costs and downtime.  

How Does Red Hat CCSP Program Work?

•    Host/resell certified Red Hat offerings on-demand and managed models •    OPEX pricing aligns to the way providers charge their customers : Pay-as-you-go hourly, monthly models •    Low program start-up costs: minimal upfront capital investment. •    Streamlined pr...

Does Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Help Me Address New Markets?

In ANZ we’ve seen Red Hat being used in a variety of industries and sectors Partners currently offering XaaS can create differentiated offerings with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure. The platform is fully multi-tenant and allows customers to manage their own infrastructure through a self-service portal.     Red Hat Cloud Infrastru...

What Is Product Red Hat Insights?

Red Hat Insights provides comprehensive analytics across your physical, virtual, cloud, and container platforms empowering you to take the guesswork out of remediation  

Why Should You Use Red Hat CloudForms?

Flexibility . IT departments can allocate and manage resource pools that span multiple types of infrastructure, including virtual, private, and public cloud resources. Analysis . IT departments gain visibility into performance, capacity, and workloads through historical and trend analysis of all of the parts of their IT environment. Agility . IT de...

How can Red Hat Ansible Automation help me scale services more rapidly?

Many organisations move workloads to cloud environments to gain scalability, Red Hat Ansible Automation lets you: Scale services and workloads to stay aligned with demand Gain visibility into workload characteristics with a dashboard that displays everything happening in your Red Hat Ansible Automation environment Autoscale resources quickly and se...

What’s In It For Me As A Partner Using Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure?

By deploying Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, you are essentially purchasing one SKU which gives you access to multiple Cloud Products. The products that you gain access to are as follows which decreases your costs and increases your efficiency  Red Hat CloudForms, providing cloud management and orchestration across multiple hypervisors, public c...