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Can Sinefa Probe Reports To Other Network Management Solutions?

Sinefa do offer a full API suite which can be accessed via the Data Explorer in the drop down box. It is very comprehensive and partners can pull out data in many different forms for their own tools.

Can Sinefa Do Granular Filtering? E.G. For Skype, Can Customer Block File Sharing, And Only Allow Normal Chat?

Sinefa can shape access (or block) to an individual user level, but can’t shape within an app for example to block chat, or allow certain Youtube sessions but not others.  

What About The Withholding Taxes For Importing Sinefa Appliances?

Sinefa pricing does not include taxes. It is up to customer who is receiving the goods to pay this when clearing customs in country.  

Do We Provide Training On How To Integrate Sinefa With Active Directory (AD)?

Customer can integrate Sinefa with Active Directory in order to view traffic information associated with AD User Details. Sinefa can provide support to partners on how to integrate with Active Directory via Live Chat available in Sinefa App. Partner can also review this link to understand  how to integrate Sinefa with Active Directory.

Is There Pro-Rate Available For Sinefa Subscription? If I Am Only Using 10 Days For The Subscription, Is The Billing Based On 10 Days Pro-Rated?

No. Sinefa billing is charged monthly in advance and there is no pro-rate available. So even if customer is using only 10 days within a billing month, the charges will still be a full month.  

Can The Sinefa Probe Be Used For Internal LAN Environment?

Sinefa is not engineered to be used in internal LAN environment. Sinefa is best suited for internet facing or WAN facing traffic. To further understand how Sinefa can work in your environment, please check out the Sinefa Overview video below

How To Create A New Customer Account In Sinefa?

You can create new customer account by following this  link . Just key in the customer name an a new account will be created with you as the account owner.  

The Default Retention For The Historical Data Is 12 Months, Can This Be Extended Longer Such As 3 Years? Are There Any Extra Charges For This Configuration?

Yes, 12 months historical data is the default setting currently. Sinefa is looking at introducing a chargeable service to extend this in the future but do not have details on it just yet.  Please feel free to contact your  rhipe Account Manager  if you need more information on this.  

For NQS, Is It Possible To Know The Network Quality Between Customer Site And The ISP? Without Installing A Probe At ISP Datacenter.

No, NQS can only be calculated between two Sinefa Probes so you would need to install a probe in ISP site to get that information.  For NQS to work, it will require probe at both ends of the traffic, such as Branch A – Branch B Branch A – Public Probe This is because it uses a proprietary protocol that was sent between the Sin...

What Is The Sinefa Probe That Is Available In Azure Market Place?

The Sinefa probe in Azure is currently used for Network Quality Service (NQS) only.  Sinefa is working towards enabling traffic visibility for the Azure probe.  To learn more about  Sinefa Network Quality Service . One of the Azure NQS use case is for customer who has critical apps running in Azure environment to be able to chec...