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Why Use TraceMail Over Azure RMS / EMS?

Only TraceMail provides full auditing with the proprietary delivery slip TraceMail provides full security inside AND outside the organization without requiring external users to establish a Microsoft Live account TraceMail provides eSiganture functionality out of the box without requiring 3rd party add ins. TraceMail provides large file transfer (u...

Do All Staff Require A TraceMail License?

Not at all. A minimum of five licenses is required to implement the platform, but you can have as many, or as few, TraceMail users as required. You may like to limit licenses to only the executive team, or only staff that handle personal client information. TraceMail’s flexible licencing structure means the number of users can easily be ...

Help! I Can’t Find That Secure Message…

Since TraceMail has the ability to link multiple instances within Outlook, occasionally a secure message will appear in Outlook, but not in the TraceMail web portal. Often this is a symptom of looking in the wrong place so you should confirm that you are looking in the correct TraceMail portal. To do this, open the message in Outlook and look ...

I’m Changing Email Addresses, How Will This Affect TraceMail?

It won’t. Contact your TraceMail administrator and advise them of your new email address. Your administrator will then add your new address as an alias. You will receive an email into your new email’s inbox requesting you to verify ownership of this email address. Once verified, you can use TraceMail with either your old or new add...

What Happened To My Registration Confirmation Email? I Still Have Not Received It.

Check your spam or junk folder in your basic email account. Some email clients incorrectly label this verification email as spam. If you still do not receive your registration email, please contact your TraceMail administrator for assistance.  

How Does The Licensing Of TraceMail Work?

TraceMail is licensed on a ‘ per user, per month ’ basis, similar to the licensing of Microsoft CSP, and the customer is only charged for  professional users , not guest users. Professional users can invite other users (guests) and can communicate securely with any end user from any organisation. Guest users have some restrictions,...

Does TraceMail Integrate With Active Directory / Provide Single Sign-On (SSO) ?

This depends on the implementation. For an Enterprise implementation (1000+ seats) this feature is available however on a standard/SMB implementation it is not.

Can Tracemail Emails Be Incorporated Into An Existing Corporate Email Archiving Solution?

Yes. TraceMail can be configured to archive a copy of all emails sent and received via TraceMail into your corporate email solution in a decrypted format. This is NOT the default setting so be sure to let your administrator know if this is a requirement when establishing the platform.  

Where And For How Long Is Customer's Data Stored In TraceMail?

TraceMail ensures compliance with many regulated industries (including APP 2014, HIPAA, etc.) and as such warrants that  all data is stored on infrastructure within the primary country that the requesting organization operates within . Data is stored for the entire duration of the license unless deleted by the user prior to ceasing their ...

What Is TraceMail?

TraceMail is a simple yet powerful message control tool that enables businesses to easily protect and manage their emails even after the emails have been sent. TraceMail allows businesses to securely send, receive, track and control email communications, with anyone on any device. TraceMail offers unique features such as Real time tracking of who h...