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What are the benefits of migrating my workloads running on VMWare to Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure offers the following benefits when partners running VMWare within their environment choose to migrate or extend into Azure: Partners save on additional hypervisor cost – in this case the additional VMware License cost. Partners no longer need to refresh their Hardware (Compute, Storage and Network stack) every couple of years....

What are the necessary steps required as part of this transition from VMware VCloud SP Standard Bundle (5 Pt) to a different bundle?

The following are the procedures involved in the Transition. rhipe will inform all existing partners using VMware vCloud SP Standard Bundle (5 pt) to review and understand the change. You are advised to provide an acknowledgment to rhipe that you understand the change and required transition. You can make an appointment to discussion with rhipe&rsq...

How do these changes impact existing partners using VMware VCloud SP Standard Bundle (5pt) bundle?

Existing Partners using the VMware vCloud SP Standard Bundle can continue use it until 31 March 2020 and should transition to another bundle within this period.  

What is VMware VCloud Air Network?

The VMware vCloud Air Network Program was designed for Service Providers offering subscription licensing, support, and tools through which partners can develop, promote, and sell their VMware-based products, services, and solutions (referred to as “license rental”). The license rental model is a 12 month rolling commitment contract, wit...

How do I join VMware’s Partner Network?

Submit a VMware Partner Network Application Form via Select ‘Enroll Now’, enter company/contact details, accept the terms and conditions, and submit the application. The application will be reviewed for approval by VMware within 3 business days; once approved, your partner account/ID will become esta...

Does Azure Site Recovery Support Platforms Like VMWare For DR Scenarios?

Yes, ASR supports virtualization platforms like VMWare and Hyper-V. Customers can choose to replicate VMs from these platforms to Azure for DR and migration scenarios. Did you know you can even migrate Virtual machines from public cloud providers like AWS to Azure. Refer the link  here . rhipe solutions would love to assist you with your Azure...

Why is the VMware VCloud SP Standard Bundle (5pt) going “EOA”?

‘vSphere Enterprise’ is the core compute product included in the VMware vCloud SP Standard Bundle. This bundle is terminated by VMware due to the end of availability of vSphere Enterprise.  

What Are The Steps To Run If You Don’t See Usage Data In VMware Business Portal?

The usage is collected automatically by vCloud Usage Insight and reported through VMware Business Portal. However, if there are technical reasons for the usage not being collected (or) reported, please run through the following steps to report the usage again Log into each Usage Meter Appliance browser User Interface. Go to the “Automatic Rep...

Which would be the last month that partners can submit the usage report for VMware VCloud SP Standard Bundle (5 Pt)?

The last month for VMware vCloud SP Standard Bundle (5 pt) usage would be for the month of March 2020 which is reported early April 2020.  

Why rhipe?

rhipe is a market leader for cloud and service provider software licensing in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We help multinational software vendors to migrate their traditional IT channel customers from an on-premises software infrastructure to cloud computing business models with subscription based software-as-a-service (SaaS). rhipe’s Lic...